A self-leveling compound is a cementitious dry mix that is used to smoothen concrete subfloor. It is very crucial to have an even subfloor when installing resilience flooring (example Vinyl or rubber flooring) and SPC flooring with tongue and groove design. Resilience flooring will reflect the waviness and magnify the unevenness of the subfloor easily due to its flexibility. As for SPC flooring, the tongue will crack easily if the floor is not even or flat.


Builden’s  self levelling and smoothing compound is designed to produce a smooth, flat surface when applied to hard, rigid sub-floors such as sand/cement screeds, concrete for the installation of Vinyl/Rubber/Linoleum, SPC, LVT and laminated wooden floorings, as well as carpet tile.

Among the popular questions we often encounter about our self-levelling are as below:

1)       Do you have outdoor self levelling, which can withstand outdoor condition?

Answer: YES. We do have two-part outdoor self levelling smoothing cementitious compound. Which consist of powder part and liquid part

2)      Do you provide Self levelling which can act as overlayment?

Answer: YES. We provide various grades of overlayment self-levelling. The grade depends on your application requirement. Please contact our technical department for further advice.

3)      How can we prevent staining or scratches on overlayment self levelling?

Answer: You may use Builden FPC100 Cementitious Floor Protection Coating, which is a water-based surface protection coating for cementitious flooring, to prevent spills from soaking up and staining the floor, and at the same time protect the floor from scratches. Please check the details on our website or contact our technical staff.

With a well-prepared substrate, our self-levelling will deliver superb results, and is ever-ready to receive finished flooring.  Builden Self-Levelling and Smoothing Compound S10 is great as the underlayment for residential and commercial areas with light foot traffic before installation of resilience flooring, while Builden Self-Levelling and Smoothing Compound S20 & Builden Self-Levelling and Smoothing Compound S30 are more suitable as the underlayment for commercial areas with heavy foot traffic before installation of resilience flooring.