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Waterstop Tear Web (VTTW 150/200/250)

Expansion Joint Waterstops

Product Name Waterstop Tear Web (VTTW 150/200/250)
Description Used where large building movement is anticipated. Tear web keeps concrete from entering the bulb throughout concrete placement. When joint movement occurs, the web ruptures, allowing a sizeable mechanical deformation of the bulb without stressing the material. VT WATERSTOP is available in different profiles and sizes depending on their use. Suitable for use in hot and tropical climates.
Application Tear web waterstops is suitable for expansion joint. Suitable for use in sewage plants, walls, bridges, stadiums, floor slabs, and parking garages.
Advantange > High quality PVC for long durability and integrity.
> Easy to weld on site.
> Alternative size and profile.
> High performance sealing system.
> Able to consolidate weak substrates.
> Chemical resistance.
> Low water absorption.
> Corrosion resistance.
> Ability to withstand high hydrostatic pressure.


Ribbed Flat (VTRA 150/200/250)


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