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Builden S30: Commercial Smoothing and Levelling Compound


Product Name Builden S30: Commercial Smoothing and Levelling Compound
General Characteristic - Fast drying.
- Early utilisation.
- Can be pump or trowel applied.
- Excellent surface hardness.
- Ready to receive floor covering in one operation.
- High compressive strength formulation.
Usage Builden S30 is designed to produce a smooth, flat surface when apply to hard, rigid sub-floors such as sand/cement screed, concrete, etc. The mixed mortar can be applied up to a maximum thickness of 10mm in one application or 20mm in two application but will normally for smoothing at 1.5mm-5mm. For smoothing application, Builden S30 can be applied at 1.5mm.
Builden S30 should be used to level and smooth uneven internal sub-floors such as concrete, cement/sand screeds, quarry tiles, etc. prior to the installation of resilient flooring.
Storage Builden S30 should be stored under the same conditions as cement; store Builden S30 in cool, dry shaded warehouses.
Storage of Builden S30 should avoid direct in contact with the floor.
When stored under the correct conditions Builden S30 storage life of 6 months if sealed accordingly.
Packaging 25kg/bag
Shell Life When stored under the correct conditions Builden S30 will have a shelf life of 6 months.


Application Pour Builden S30 mortar onto the primed sub- floor and use a steel finishing trowel or float to spread the mortar and finish off. The mixed mortar will flow out and self-smooth within the first 15 minutes of its 20 minutes working time.
A 3mm layer of Builden S30 will be walkable after approximately 6 hours at 30℃; this time is extended at lower and reduces at higher temperatures. This time is also reduced where thinner applications are applied to absorbent sub-floors. Apply at temperatures above 5℃.
Coverage Area ~ 1.65kgs S30 powder/m²2/mm, 1 bag will cover approx 5m²2 at 3mm thickness
Drying and Hardening A 3mm layer of Builden S30 is walkable after 6 hours and ready to receive floor coverings overnight (16-20hrs) at 30.C. If the thickness is between 5-10mm, the drying time is could be up 48 hours before the floor covering can be done. If the thickness is >10mm, the drying time is >48 hours before the floor covering can be done.
Safety Precautions Builden S30 is classified as irritating to eyes and skin. For this reason, the following precautions should be observed: Avoid contact with skin and eyes; in case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice; wear suitable gloves and keep the product out of the reach of children. Avoid generation of airborne dust during mixing.

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