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Builden P123: Ready to Use Water Based Primer

Builden P123: Builden P123 Ready to Use Water Based Primer, 5kgBuilden P123: Builden P123 Ready to Use Water Based Primer, 20kg
Builden P123: Builden P123 Ready to Use Water Based Primer


Product Name Builden P123: Ready to Use Water Based Primer
General Characteristic - Ready to use, not necessary to dilute
- Multipurpose for a wide range of application
- Ideal for sealing and priming gypsum based plasters and screeds
- Minimizes air bubbles rising through porous surfaces
- Low odour and solvent free
- Cost effective
Area of Application - Use Primer P123 when applying a self-leveling underlayment on properly prepared suitable substrates.
- Interior residential
- Interior commercial
- Interior heavy commercial
- Interior institutional
Limitations - Do not install over any substrate containing asbestos.
- Protect from freezing.
- For use only in dry, interior environments. Do not apply on wet substrates.
- Verify that the substrate is free of bond-inhibiting or bond-breaking materials such as curing compounds and dust.
Packaging 20kg/jerry can
5kg/jerry can
Shell Life 1 year when stored in original, unopened packaging in a dry location.


Polymer type Acrylic
Percent solids 11-12%
pH 7-8
Viscosity 0.80%
Density 0.984 KGS/L
Consistency Pourable liquid
Colour White
temperature range/td>
10°C to 32°C
(50°F to 90°F)
Application 1. Shake the container well ebfore use and should not dilute.
2. Ensure that the ambiant temperature and the surface temperature being primed at 10°C to 32°C.
3. If Builden P123 is used where moisture sensitive materials are to be subsequently applied, the substrate must be dry,
   i.e with flooring materials the screed should have a RH reading not greater than 75% and, where direct to ground,
   protected by an effective damp proof membrane.
4. Apply the priming coat evenly with a soft broom or brush, over the sound, clean and dust-free surface, leave to dry
   thoroughly and may need to apply more than one coat until a clear, thin blue film before beginning any subsequent work.
Cleaning Removal Clean equipment immediately with water. Mineral spirits may be used to remove primer that has dried on tools

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