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Builden G200: Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive

Builden G200 Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive, 17LBuilden G200 Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive, 4.3L
Builden G200 Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive, 17L


Product Name Builden G200 - Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive
Description Builden G200 is a solvent free carpet tile adhesive that ideal for installing most types of textile and PVC-backed carpet tiles in either "Full Spread" or Grid and Perimeter". It can be used with Builden’s Levelling and Smoothing Compounds in domestic locations.
General Characteristic - Water-based acrylic co-polymer blend
- Odorless when dry
- Very high yield
- Long working time of 2 to 3 hours
- Superior and outstanding initial grab
- Permanent high tack and odorless
- Ready to receive floor covering in one when dry
- Superior plasticizer migration resistance
- Excellent dimensional stability
Application - Builden G200 - Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive is or indoor application only.
- Suitable for most types of textile and PVC-backed carpet tiles.
- To ensure enhanced performance, reliability and warranty always use Builden vinyl flooring installation system products.
- Which included:
  a)Builden Pores Sealer
  b)Builden Substrate Primers
  c)Builden Self Levelling and Smoothing Compounds
  d)Builden OK1
Packaging 17L/pail
Shell Life One year from manufacture date in unopened container stored at 23°C and 50% RH


Initial Tackiness Time Approx 15-25 mins
Working Time 2 - 3 hours
Open Time 1 hour
Coverage Approximate 10-17 square meters per litre on full spread applied by flat trowel or short nap roller or approximately 16-20 square meters per kg
on a 2 meters grid and perimeter or 20-26 square meters on a 4 meters grid and perimeter.
Direction for Use - Condition adhesive and floor coverings to working temperature 24 hours prior to and 48 hours after installation. Cross reference
  with flooring manufacturer instruction.
- Installation temperature of working area and substrate to be a minimum of 10°C and a maximum of 30°C.
- Apply evenly by flat trowel or short nap roller,a fine "V" notch trowel may also be used. Let adhesive develop initial tack with approximately
  15-25 minutes. Setup and working time will vary based on job conditions, substrate, temperature and humidity.
- Upon installation of flooring, roll over the flooring in both directions using the recommended roller (normally 35-50kg). Avoid traffic for 12 hours
   after installation.

NOTE: Dispose of container and adhesive residue in accordance with Federal, State and Local waste disposal regulations. Do not flush
    adhesive down drains. Freeze-thaw stable to -5℃. Avoid low temperatures or multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
Cleaning Removal - Wet : Clean with warm soap water
- Dry : Clean with spirits

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