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Builden Fine Touch OK1: Rapid Drying Patching
and Smoothing Compound

Builden Fine Touch OK1 Rapid Drying Patching and Smoothing CompoundBuilden Fine Touch OK1 Rapid Drying Patching and Smoothing Compound
Builden Fine Touch OK1 Rapid Drying Patching and Smoothing Compound


Product Name Builden OK1: Rapid Dry Repairing and Feather Finishing Compound
General Characteristic - Use for patching, filling, feather finishing, ridges, gouges depressions, etc.
- Exceptional strong bond to sound substrate
- Applicable to achieve minimal thickness
- Exceptional good strength material
- Rapid drying as little as 15 minutes
- Cost effective as no primer required
- Easy to mix and apply
- Impermeable
Area of Application Exceptional bond to:
- Plywood
- Concrete
- Metal
- Smoothing compounds
- Ceramic tiles and terrazo
- Cement/sand screeds
Subfloor Surface Preparation The sub-floors must be dry, sound and clean, free of dust, grease and other barriers that might impair adhesion to the base.
In the case of domestic applications only, Builden OK1 may be installed over existing adhesive residues which are thin, sound and well bonded. The residues must not be affected by either the initial wetting from the applied mortar or the adhesive used to install the new floorcovering.
Builden OK1 is not recommended over adhesive residues in commercial situations.
Packaging 10kg/pail
Shell Life 1 year when stored in original, unopened packaging in a dry location.


Consistency of Mixture Paste
Colour of Mixture Dark Grey
Pot life of Mixture 15 minutes at 20°C
Binder Portland cement
Final set (at 20°C)≤ 15 Minutes
Application Builden OK1 is easily applied with a steel trowel and can be used to form a true feather edge up to 3mm in thickness.
Builden OK1 is designed specifically for very thin smoothing applications and, where thicknesses exceed 3mm (not exceeding 12mm), it is recommended to build up in thin applications, allowing individual layers to harden between applications.
A feather finish (less than 1mm) may be sufficiently hard enough after 15 minutes but obviously will depend on the absorbency of the sub-floor and site temperatures.
Thicker applications will require additional drying time.
Providing the builden OK1 layer has hardened sufficiently (but may appear damp) and the adhesive trowel does not damage the mortar surface, the floorcovering application can proceed.

1) Should there be adhesive residues beneath the Fine Touch OK1, a 3mm smoothing layer will be necessary.
2) Apply at temperatures above 5°C.
3) Mix only the amount of Builden OK1, you can use within the pot life. DO NOT add additional water.
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