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Builden BTA228: One-Component Flexible Modified Cement-Based Tile Adhesive (C2TE)



Product Name Builden BTA228: One-Component Flexible Modified Cement-Based Tile Adhesive (C2TE)
General Characteristic - Builden BTA228 is a one-component flexible polymer.
- modified cement based tiles adhesive.
- Flexible and enhanced adhesion properties.
- Specially formulated for large format fully vitrified tiles, marbles and granites.
Application - Cement sand screed & render.
- Homogeneous porcelain tiles, existing ceramic, quarry and natural stone surfaces.
- Light weight concrete blocks.
- Fiber cement boards.
Advantages - One-component, mixing error can be avoided.
- Suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor application.
- No soaking of tiles required.
- Classified as C2TE when tested in accordance to EN12004:2007
Packaging 25kg/bag
Shell Life One (1) year when stored in original/unopened packaging and in dry condition.


Appearance Grey powder
Specific Gravity 1.5 ± 0.1 Kg/litre
Curing time 24 hours
Open time (25°C) Approx. 30 mins
Pot life Approx. 60 mins
Tensile Adhesion Strength ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Coverage Approx. 2.0 - 3.0 Kg/m2 using 3 x 3mm notched trowel
Approx. 5.0 - 5.5 Kg/m2 using 6 x 6mm notched trowel
Approx. 10.0 - 11.0 Kg/m2 using 12 x 12mm notched trowel
Application Instruction 1) Spread the adhesive onto the substrate using either a 6mm x 6mm notched trowel (for wall tiling) or a
  12mm x 12mm (for floor tiling). The choice of trowel shoild be governed by the size of tiles, depth of knobs, grooves or ridges on back of
  tiles and substrate surface.
2) Use the flat side of the notched trowel to spread the mix onto the receiving surface. Use the notched side of the trowel to apply
  the required amount of the mix in one direction.
3) Press the tile in perpendicular motion and tapped into position to ensure positive contact with the adhesive and adjust within 5-10 minutes.
4) For optimum bonding and better adhesive-tile coverage, apply a layer of adhesive at the back of the tile and follow the above-mentioned
5) The adhesive must be wet when the tiles are laid. Do not allow the adhesive to skin over prior to titling. Should a skin have formed,
  break the skin by re- trowelling the adhesive in opposite direction.
6) Make sure there are no voids under the tiles.

   - Due to atmospheric condition, the “skin-over” of the adhesive may occur after 5-10 minutes. Do apply the adhesive
   in a small area with tiles within this period of time.
   - “Skin-over” can be checked by placing the tip of index finger lightly to the adhesive bed surface
Cleaning Clean the tools immediately after use with water. Mineral spirits may be used to remove primer that has dried on tools.

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