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Builden 2KSL – 30: Outdoor Self-Levelling Compound (PART A/PART B)

Product Name Builden 2KSL - 30: Outdoor Self-Levelling Compound (PART A/PART B)
Description Builden 2KSL-30 is a two-part polymer modified cementitious mortar slurry comprising of a liquid polymer and a cement-based mix incorporating special admixtures. Specially formulated for indoor and outdoor applications e.g. pedestrian area.
General Characteristic - Fast drying
- Early Utilisation
- Can be pump and trowel applied
- Excellent surface hardness
- High compressive strength formulation
Application Pour Builden 2KSL -30 mortar onto the primed sub-floor and use a steel finishing trowel or float to spread the mortar and finish off. The mixed mortar will flow out and self-smooth within the first 15 minutes of its 20 minutes working time. A 3mm layer of Builden 2KSL -30 will be walkable after approximately 6 hours at 30°C; this time is extended at lower and reduces at higher temperatures. This time is also reduced where thinner applications are applied to absorbent sub-floors.
Apply at temperatures above 5°C.
Colour of Mixture Grey
Consistency of Mixture Slurry
Mixing ratio 31.25KG per set (25kg Part B + 6.25liter part A)
Compressive Strength
(BS EN 13892-2)
1 day
≥ 28 days
Flexural Strength
(BS EN 13892-2
1 day
≥ 28 days
Standard Packaging 31.25KG per set

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