Introducing PVC Waterstop by Builden Industries

PVC WATERSTOPS by Builden Industries seal construction and expansion joints in concrete structures. Our PVC WATERSTOP is available in different profiles and sizes depending on the demand. The high-quality PVC material can be use in hot and tropical climates. Where you can use PVC WATERSTOP? Water retaining structures: Reservoirs Water towers Dams Spillways Canals Swimming

Self-Levelling and Smoothing Compound by Builden Industries

A self-leveling compound is a cementitious dry mix that is used to smoothen concrete subfloor. It is very crucial to have an even subfloor when installing resilience flooring (example Vinyl or rubber flooring) and SPC flooring with tongue and groove design. Resilience flooring will reflect the waviness and magnify the unevenness of the subfloor easily

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